Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

Exotoxin A Pseudomonas aeruginosa influence on working efficiency of white rats

Year: 2017, volume 13 Issue: №3 Pages: 472-474
Heading: Physiology and Pathophysiology Article type: Original article
Authors: Morrison V.V., Popovich V.I., Vasyutina V.O., Morrison A.V.
Organization: Central Scientific Research Experimental Institute 33, Saratov State Medical University

Objective: to study exotoxin A Pseudomonas aeruginosa influence on physical and mental efficiency of white rats. Material and Methods. The experiments were carried out on white rats following intraperitoneal injections of exotoxin A Pseudomonas of different doses (0.1,0.5 and 1.0 LD50). Physical and mental efficiency of white rats was determined by the scheme of "Machfs camera". Results. Introducing exotoxin A Pseudomonas of 1 LD50 there was conditioned response damage in 20% of animals. The amount of cases of physical incapacity introducing highly effective doses of exotoxin A Pseudomonas overcomes the amount of cases of reaction destruction (44%). Conclusion. Exotoxin A Pseudomonas aeruginosa does not reveal a selective effect on the central nervous system and significant influence on physical efficiency of white rats.

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