Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

Efficiency assessment of phytocomplex phonophoresis in rehabilitation of patients with knee joint osteoarthrosis


Objective: the comparative research of phytocomplex phonophoresis rehabilitation efficiency of patients with knee joint osteoarthrosis. Material and Methods, the study included 100 patients with knee joint osteoarthrosis; the effectiveness evaluation was made in terms of American Rheumatologic Association (ARA), the data of visual-analogue scale (VAS) and goniometry, indexes WOMAC, Lekena and the index of activity SIA, criteria of life quality questionnaire HAQ. Results. The complex use of phyto- and ultrasonic therapy in conjunction with an medicamentous treatment of patients have a more pronounced positive effect on pain (by 26-28%), function of the knee joint (by 22-26%) and the quality of life (by 24%) compared to treatment with medicamentous only treatment or combined using ultrasonic and medicamentous therapy. Conclusion. The new method of phytocomplex phonophoresis leads to the expressed regress of clinical symptomatology at patients with knee joint osteoarthrosis, improves locomotor function of knee joints and quality of life.

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