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thyroid gland

The issue of neuropsychiatric disorders in patients with hypothyroidism

Year: 2016, volume 12 Issue: №3 Pages: 375-378
Heading: Neurology Article type: Original article
Authors: Kutashov V.A., Budnevsky A.V., Ulyanova O.V., Priputnevich D.N.
Organization: Voronezh State Medical Academy

The aim of the study was assessment of thyroid function in patients with psychiatric and psychological assistance; to study the structure of AR in patients with hypothyroidism, to reveal alexithymical identifying of personality characteristics of patients with hypothyroidism and AP Materials and Methods. 406 patients with AR at the age of 51.3±4.7 years. To verify the useofTSH hypothyroidism rate and to assess depressive disorder — Hamilton Scale and the Montgomery— Asberg; with clinical and psychopathological study: 1) the scale of self-BH alarm Spielberger (Y. L. Hanin), 2) questionnaire G. Shmisheka 3) Toronto alexithymia scale. Results. Hypothyroidism is set at 116 (28.6%) of 406 patients suffering from RA. Among the 374 patients with depressive disorders hypothyroidism was observed in 116: subclinical — in 76 patients (65.5%), symptomatic — in 40 (34.5%). The first group consisted of 258 patients with the presence of depressive disorders and without hypothyroidism; second — 116 patients with the presence of depression and hypothyroidism. TSH in patients suffering AR, without thyroid dysfunction was 5.2 times lower than in patients with the presence of hypothyroidism. Among AP comorbid with hypothyroidism, are predominant depressive with a predominance of mild and moderate forms. Dominating are anxious-depressive, dysphoric, adynamic, sad, depressive disorders. Conclusion. In patients with AR and hypothyroidism predominant types of personality accentuation are dysthymic, anxious, demonstrative and meticulous.

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The structure of thyroid gland in its pathology

Year: 2015, volume 11 Issue: №2 Pages: 113-117
Heading: Macro- and Micromorphology Article type: Original article
Authors: Khayrullin R.M., Kalmin O.V., Kalmin O.O.
Organization: Penza State University

Objective: to identify the microscopic features of the structure of the thyroid gland in different forms of its pathology. Materials and Methods. The study is based on the thyroid glands of 199 patients of both sexes aged 21 to 74 years. Results. At the micro-macrofollicular nontoxic goiter was found flattened thyroid epithelium with flattened normochromic nucleus, the small size of cells and nuclei, low nuclear-cytoplasmic index, intrafollicular moderate epithelial proliferation, homogeneous colloid and moderate diffuse lymphoid infiltration. At the micro-macrofollicular toxic goiter detected cubic epithelium with rounded normochromic kernel, smallest size of cells and nuclei, nuclear-cytoplasmic minimum index intrafollicular focal proliferation of the epithelium, colloid mesh boundary with severe vacuolization, focal lymphoid infiltration and hemorrhage. When diffuse toxic goiter detected cubic form cells of medium size with a fairly high nuclear-cytoplasmic index, rounded normochromic kernel, rare intrafollicular epithelial proliferation, homogeneous colloid with an edge vacuolization. With the prevalence of autoimmune thyroiditis was observed flattened epithelium with rounded normochromic nucleus, the small size of cells and nuclei, found the average nuclear-cytoplasmic index, homogeneous colloid and extensive lymphoid infiltration with light propagation centers. Adenoma of the thyroid gland epithelium was found with a cubic cell shape, round hyperchromatic nucleus, the large size of cells and nuclei, high nuclear-cytoplasmic index intrafollicular diffuse proliferation of epithelial and dense colloid. When thyroid cancer found the prevalence of papillary structures with short broad papillae formed polymorphic cells with round hyperchromatic nucleus, there is the largest size of cells and nuclei, nuclear-cytoplasmic maximum index expressed intrafollicular diffuse proliferation of the epithelium. Conclusions. Each form of thyroid disease, along with well-known typical microscopic manifestations is a characteristic regional feature of the microstructure.

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Mathematical modeling of structural indices of thyroid gland in thyroid pathology

Year: 2014, volume 10 Issue: №1 Pages: 38-44
Heading: Macro- and Micromorphology Article type: Original article
Authors: Kalmin O.V., Kalmin О.О..
Organization: Penza State University

Purpose: the complete analysis of the morphological parameters of the thyroid gland in various forms of thyroid pathology by methods of mathematical modeling. Material and Methods. Histologically examined samples of operating thyroid glands of 199 patients of both sexes aged 21 to 74 years, were treated surgically. Experimental data were studied by factorial and discriminant analysis. Results. When the factor analysis of 60 experimental parameters were identified 14 major factors that indicate 14 main trends in the dynamics of the structure of the thyroid gland due to an increase in severity of pathological processes. Discriminant analysis showed that the study of quantitative structure of the thyroid gland there may be cases of erroneous inclusion in the theoretical option groups, however, the study of the entire set of indicators observed a 100% correct distribution of cases by groups of pathology. Conclusion. As a result, the factor of the original system of 60 morphological parameters of thyroid pathology in various forms has been minimized to 14 new uncorrelated parameters (main factors), reflecting changes in the morphology of the basic laws of the pathology of the gland. As a result of the discriminant analysis of morphological parameters of the thyroid gland in different types of its pathology the importance of semi-quantitative parameters of thyroid structure has been revealed.

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Laboratory assessment of the thyroid system in women working at concentrating factory

Year: 2013, volume 9 Issue: №2 Pages: 201-203
Heading: Hygiene Article type: Original article
Authors: Lozovaya E.V., Gaynullina М.К., Masyagutova L.M., Karimova L.K.
Organization: Ufa Scientific Research Institute of Occupational Health and Human Ecology

The purpose of the article is to examine the state of thyroid system in workers of mining and processing plant, working in harmful conditions. Materials and Methods: The working conditions of 407 workers of concentrator (study group) and 128 women workers of energy department (control group). The level of thyroid stimulating hormone and free thyroxine, anti-thyroid peroxidase and thyroglobulin has been determined in 88 women-workers of the main group and 82 women workers of control group. 80 women-workers of main group have been examined on the iodine content in the hair. Results: It has been found that the conditions of workers at enrichment of copper-zinc ore are characterized by the influence of these chemical factors, dust, industrial noise, adverse climate. In the study of blood serum and hair decreased levels of iodine in their hair and deviations due to decrease of thyroid function, and strengthening of the body»s autoimmune processes have been revealed. Conclusion: Harmful working conditions in concentrating factory cause the risk of pathology of the thyroid gland.

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Early thyroid gland dysfunction and biorhythmic activity disturbance in patients with cardiovascular pathology and atrial fibrillation

Year: 2012, volume 8 Issue: №4 Pages: 926-933
Heading: Internal Diseases Article type: Review
Authors: Baurina Yu.O., Mayskova Е.А., Shvarts Yu.G.
Organization: Saratov State Medical University

The review deals with the problem of combined pathology of the thyroid gland and cardiovascular system, the state of thyroid homeostasis in atrial fibrillation. The main mechanisms of action of thyroid hormones on the heart and blood vessels, particularly changes in the cardiovascular system with hypo-or hyperthyroidism; the possibility of substitution therapy in subclinical disease have been presented in the article. Characteristics of daily rhythmic activity of thyroid gland in normal and various pathological conditions with persistent and paroxysmal atrial fibrillation have been considered.

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