Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research


Morphology of bone structures of acetabulum and femoral component of hip joint

Year: 2014, volume 10 Issue: №1 Pages: 32-38
Heading: Macro- and Micromorphology Article type: Original article
Authors: Anisimova Е.А., Yusupov K.S., Anisimov D.l., Bondareva E.V.
Organization: Saratov State Medical University

Purpose: to reveal features of bone structures correlation of acetabulum and femoral components of a hip joint. Material and methods. The sizes of acetabulum, pelvis and proximal metaepiphysis of femur have been determined on 98 sets of pelvis and femurs and 120 KT-grams of adults. Results. Sexual and bilateral distinctions, correlation of bone structures of acetabulum, proximal metaepiphysis and femur have been revealed. Conclusion. The received values of the main morphometric parameters of bone structures of hip joint and pelvis and their correlation develop the database of clinical anatomy of hip joint.

Keywords: acetabulum, femur, pelvis
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Adaptation to periodic pressure chamber hypoxia and its influence on systolic and diastolic functions in chronic heart failure

Year: 2012, volume 8 Issue: №2 Pages: 247-251
Heading: Internal Diseases Article type: Original article
Authors: Dmitrieva М.К.
Organization: Orenburg State Medical University

Research objective is to determine the influence of adaptation method to periodic pressure chamber hypoxia on dynamics of systolic and diastolic functions of myocardium in patients with early stages of chronic heart failure. Materials and Methods: 100 men with post-infarction cardiosclerosis at the age of 40-65 years with I and IIA stages and l-ll functional classes (NYHA) of chronic heart failure have been examined. Results: Positive dynamics of systolic and diastolic cardiac functions and other parameters of echocardioscopy under the influence of the hypoxic therapy in comparison with classical physical rehabilitation have been obtained. Furthermore, a more significant effect has been observed in patients with CHF IIA. Conclusion: Improvement in the geometry of the heart has proved that adaptation method to periodic pressure chamber hypoxia could be recommended for rehabilitation of patients with heart failure of early stages.

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Surgical correction of hip joint at dysplasia: history of development and present state of the problem (bibliography)

Year: 2010, volume 6 Issue: №1 Pages: 150-154
Heading: Traumatology and Orthopedics Article type: Review
Authors: A.B. Petrov, I.D. Kovalyova, V.I. Ruzanov
Organization: Saratov Scientific Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics

Analytical review of scientific medical and patent information dealing with surgical correction of dysplastic hip joint components has been made. Retrospective analysis of the given problem development has been carried out. Modern methods of surgery on bony structures of the dysplastic hip joint have been studied in details. The main following directions of the acetabulum surgical correction have been marked out: formation of bony rests, variants of pelvic osteotomy, operations of joint surface curvature changing (acetabuloplasty). Methods with the use of materials exceeding bony tissue in solidity (metal, ceramics) have been studied separately. Expediency of further improvemement of methods for dysplastic coxarthrosis surgical prevention by removal of biomechanical imbalance in the hip joint has been demonstrated

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