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Application of electrophoresis of chlorine in the treatment of plantar fasciitis (prominent heel).


Aim: to determine the effectiveness of electrophoresis of chlorine in the treatment of patients with plantar fasciitis. Material and methods. Survey and treatment of 40 patients in out-patient treatment at a private medical clinic OOO «ЛЭЙТОНС» ("LEYTONS, LLC") of 45-65 years with "heel spur" (4 men and 36 women). Age of the disease varied from 6 months to several years. All patients' diagnosis was confirmed radiographically. Before and after the treatment there were tests: Visual analogue scale (VAS) (scale from 0 to 100 points) and dynamic test WAM, defines psychological component of pathology. Results: patients were divided into 3 groups according to type of therapy. In 1-St group was held on the heels of hydrocortisone phonophoresis, in the 2nd group of shock wave therapy; in 3rd group held electrophoresis 5% solution of calcium chloride on the heel with the cathode. In the 1st group pain after the treatment group stopped at 80% of the patients; in the group 2, with 83%; in the group 377% of the patients. Conclusion. Our study showed that the chlorine electrophoresis in patients with plantar fasciitis can be a choice in complex rehabilitation. Identification of adverse effects of therapy confirms the need for an integrated approach to treating patients with this pathology.

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