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Microgliocyte argentation on histological sections of hippocampus of rabbits


Purpose: to obtain morphological data to identify microglia on histological sections of hippocampus of rabbits using silver salt impregnation. Material and methods. Histological sections of hippocampus of rabbits impregnated with salt deposited silver. Using the Rio Hortega method for detecting fibrous glia, choose the desired chemical composition and acid-base parameters of the silver solution and reducing agent for the detection of microglia. Results. In histological sections of the hippocampus revealed microglia contrast with branched spikes and cells without shoots with thin flagellums. Conclusion. In visiting the experiments carried out in natural conditions, it is crucial to conduct biomedical research in the shortest possible time. We need to get not only the functional results of research, but also by their morphological, substantiating the data. The present method of impregnation microglia can be used as a rapid method for the morphological study of cerebral blood flow and neural tissue hypoxia.

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