Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

About the influence of non-drug methods of treatment on reducing body weight in patients with metabolic syndrome


The research aims to study influence of various medical complexes on a body weight reduction, the main clinical manifestations and metabolic violations at patients with metabolic syndrome. Material and methods. There had been organized a clinical-functional examination and treatment of 80 patients with various manifestations of metabolic syndrome, aged from 25 to 55 years (39,1 years on the average) with prescription of a metabolic syndrome from 2 to 5 years. Result. Medical complexes with application of physical factors are developed and approved, the efficiency was estimated on indicators of a lipid range (triglycerides, the general cholesterol, lipoproteids of low and high density, (3-proteids and aterogenecity coefficient), and also to level of a glycemia, alanin and asparagin transaminases, creati-nine and urea — to define an extent of violation of metabolic processes. Conclusion. The most expressed results on a reduction of body weight, correction of the main clinical manifestations, metabolic violations and lipid imbalance were received at application of a diet, electrostatic massage from the device "Hivamat", multifactorial polymodal hardware influence from the AlfaLedOxyLight-Spa installation, complex influence on the musculoskeletal device from the Hyuber installation and psychological correction from Shufrid system.

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