Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

Evaluation of the results of medical-psychological testing in patients with metabolic syndrome under the influence of complex rehabilitation programs


Application of the listed author physiotherapeutic and psychocorrectional methods of rehabilitation is actual due to the prevalence of a metabolic syndrome at persons of 30 years and older. The research aimed studying of influence of modern comprehensive programs of rehabilitation on a psycho emotional state and expressiveness of a clinical picture at patients with a metabolic syndrome. Methods of an exposure on the patients with metabolic syndrome were innovative technologies of recovery medicine: electrostatic massage with the device "Хивамат" [khivamat], multifactorial poly-modal hardware influence by the AlfaLedOxyLight-Spa installation, complex exposure on the musculoskeletal device from the Hyuber installation, psychological correction from Shufrid system. Results. In all groups essential regress of the complaints had been fixed. The received results were confirmed also by indicators of uneasiness level according to Lyusher's color test. The above mentioned correction of psycho-emotional violations in the main groups at persons with metabolic syndrome led to improvement of health, activity and mood that was confirmed by reliable positive dynamics (p

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