Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

Estimation of dynamics of blood pressure parameters in patients with metabolic syndrome and hypertension under the influence of different rehabilitation programs


The author shows the prevalence and, as well, relevance of therapy of patients with metabolic syndrome. The research aimed studying of influence of modern comprehensive programs of rehabilitation on a dynamics of indicators of arterial pressure at patients with metabolic syndrome. Methods of an exposure on the patients with metabolic syndrome were innovative technologies of recovery medicine: electrostatic massage with the device "Хивамат" [khivamat], multifactorial polymodal hardware influence by the AlfaLedOxyLight-Spa installation, complex exposure on the musculoskeletal device from the Hyuber installation, psychological correction from Shufrid system. Results of research of 80 patients, divided into 4 groups, are presented in article with metabolic syndrome. The comparative analysis revealed advantage of complex application of the developed programs of non-drug treatment, in comparison with standard treatment that was confirmed by correction of hemodynamic violations at patients with metabolic syndrome. During research the complete recovery of all studied indicators had been revealed to level of healthy faces. Condusion. The most expressed decrease in arterial pressure and correction of hemodynamic violations the comprehensive program including diet, electrostatic massage with the device "Хивамат", multi-factorial polymodal hardware influence bytheAlfaLedOxyLight-Spa installation in a complex with influence from the Hyuber installation and psychological correction from Shufrid system that is important in metabolic syndrome.

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