Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

Expression of Retinaldehyde Dehydrogenases (Raldh) – Enzymes that Catalyzate Retinoid Acid Synthesis in Mammalian Tissues During Early Embryonic Eye Development

Year: 2009, volume 5 Issue: №2 Pages: 145-147
Heading: Macro- and Micromorphology Article type: Original article
Authors: S.L. Kuznetsov, A.O. Molotkov
Organization: First Moscow State Medical University n.a. I.M. Sechenov

Retinoid acid (RA) plays an important role in the regulation of early embryonic development and in particularly in eye development. To reveal possible influence of RALDH — enzymes on RA synthesis in mamalian tissues, in supplying RA for the eye development we have studied expression of these enzymes during early eye formation. The investigations enabled to find out that all three RALDH (RALDH 1, 2 and 3) are expressed during eye development in unique non-overlapping patterns, which correlate with RA activity in the same tissues. Thus it presents important role of these enzymes for providing RA in the eye development.

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